How to Properly Wash Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle is your travel partner, your baby, and one of your most important investments. However, it requires care in order to keep up with the challenges of the road. While maintenance is obviously important, knowing how to properly wash your motorcycle can extend its lifespan and keep it looking great as you cruise the downtown streets of Dallas. If you aren’t sure whether you’re washing your bike correctly or just need a refresher, here’s a guide to help you.


What Dallas Riders Wish Drivers Would Do

If you ride a motorcycle in Dallas, it’s always a bit nerve-racking as you maneuver through rush hour traffic on your way to work or a social event. You’re always on the lookout for other drivers, simply because the trust factor is a resounding zero. Fortunately, motorcyclists aren’t a vindictive bunch, wanting to help drivers understand how to improve rather than becoming enemies. If you’re a motorcyclist, then you already know the unwritten rules you want every motorist to know by heart.

Allow Us to Keep the Formation

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How to Clean Your Motorcycle Leathers

Motorcycle leathers aren’t your average garment. These thick, heavy leather pants, jacket, and gloves offer extra padding and armor to protect drivers from falls. They’re also exposed to bug shrapnel, tar, road dirt, rain, sun, and just about anything else you can throw their way. With so much debris and grime thrown on them, it’s no surprise that your motorcycle leathers need a thorough cleaning every now and then. If it’s your first time cleaning your leathers, you want to hone your craft, or you have a cleaning nightmare, here are the ins and outs of leather cleaning. (more…)

5 Cruisers to Try in Dallas

Despite its reputation as one of the worst cities for traffic, Dallas is a great city for cruisers. It offers access to the two-lane country roads surrounding Dallas, plus plenty of highway access to take you on a trip to Houston or anywhere in the country. All of the things that make you love Dallas are all of the reasons you will want to cruise it. For that, we recommend one of these five cruisers.


A Rotary Motorcycle? It Was Real

What has the skeleton of a German bicycle company and the heart of a Mazda RX-7? It’s a Hercules W-2000, the world’s first Wankel rotary-powered motorcycle.

You can tell it’s unique by the low-slung engine with a large axial fan up front. In an unusual gap between the engine and fuel tank sits the carburetor, which feeds the air-fuel mixture into a quirky but theoretically magical power plant.

What Makes a Wankel Rotary So Special?

Image via Flickr by bufalu

When you think about it, a piston engine is awkward and inefficient. So many moving parts pop up and down to turn linear motion into circular motion. Each piston starts and stops completely with every stroke. German engineer Felix Wankel thought there must be a better way. (more…)

Think Smaller With the 2018 Kymco Spade

Everything’s bigger in Texas, but anyone who has driven in downtown Dallas knows bigger is not always better. Squeezing in and out of traffic on Oaklawn Avenue can be a nightmare if you are on a big bike — or in a car, or walking. The 2018 Kymco Spade is a great bike for tooling around Dallas, without worrying about getting stuck in traffic.

The Spade is small enough to weave around all the insanity the mixmaster can throw at you and makes the side streets feel like highways.

Small Bike, Big Wallet

Some small things in life cost more than their bigger cousins…think fine dining. Sure, the smoked hamachi crudo at the Don’t Tell Supper Club in downtown Dallas is delicious, but you are still going to have to swing by Mcdonald’s afterward if you want to satisfy your hunger (and give your wallet a break).

Starting at $2,999, this little motorcycle isn’t going to hurt your bank account like its larger counterparts, and it will satisfy your craving for cruising the streets on a motorbike. You might even be able to afford a second plate of crudo.

Little Motorcycle, Big Power

The 2018 Kymco Spade boasts 12 horsepower. That (more…)

4 Ways to Save Money While Riding

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran rider, you should know that owning a motorcycle can put a dent in your wallet. Besides the cost of the bike, you also have to pay for gas, gear, insurance, maintenance, and other expenses. The cost of owning a bike depends on what type of bike you have, how often you use it, and how well you maintain it. However, there are things every rider can do to cut expenses. Here is a look at four ways to save money while riding.

Look for Good Deals on Bike Gear

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Having the right gear is important for any biker because it provides better comfort and protection. (more…)

5 Fall Events for Dallas Bikers

Fall is a great time to get out on your bike in Texas. Whether you just want to go for a ride or you want to head out on a road trip to one of the many motorcycle rallies and events, you can enjoy the nice weather and open road on your way there. Here are some of the upcoming fall events for Dallas bikers.

4th Annual Burgers, Beer N’ Bikes Rally

On Sept. 30, head to Quinlan, Texas, for the fourth annual Burgers, Beer, N’ Bikes Rally. Sponsored by Hostage Customs and Disappearing Ink, this event has a lot to offer. There is a bike show that takes place at Rollin Static Tattoo starting at noon, with an entry fee of just $15 per bike. Prizes for winners in several categories include gift certificates and more. The rally will also feature food, music, raffles, and airbrushing, along with a live radio broadcast.

Run to the Wall

The 29th annual Run to the Wall will take place at Ranger Stadium in Dallas on Nov. 4. Riders can join in the motorcycle run from Globe Life Park in Arlington to the memorial in Fair Park. This ride includes a police escort and all riders are welcome, including clubs and independent riders. Registration starts at 9 a.m. at the Arlington Ball parking lot and the ride to the memorial starts at noon. After the memorial event, you can head to Eight Bells Alehouse for the after party where you can enjoy food, drinks, and music along with raffles and a door prize. Registration is $20 for singles and $25 for couples. You can (more…)

Know Your Boots

When it comes to motorcycle gear, much emphasis is placed on the helmet for head protection. The feet get less attention. Yet, protecting your shins, ankles, and feet are just as important. Your feet are constantly in touch with the foot pegs, the side of the bike, and the ground. In addition, accidents can result in serious injuries if you’re wearing the wrong type of boot.

Types of Motorcycle Boots

All motorcycle boots are not created equal. Beginner riders may be surprised at the selection of boots out there. Finding the right pair of boots comes down to the type of riding you plan on doing.

Cruiser Boots

Image via Flickr by Elvert Barnes

Every biker needs a pair of cruiser boots. They’re ideal for those Sunday morning cruises down the highway. These are the classic biker boots — the black leather with straps, harness rings, and buckles. They resemble sturdy work boots and are available in short, (more…)

Beat the Dallas Heat on Your Ride

As summer continues, temperatures keep heating up. If you’re a motorcycle owner and mostly or solely get around on your bike, the sweltering temperatures could feel nearly unbearable. Fortunately, whether you’re taking a visitor from out-of-town to check out the fantastic views at Reunion Tower or decide to spend some time in the air-conditioned environment of the Dallas World Aquarium, there are many ways to keep using your motorcycle to reach destinations without feeling like you might pass out from heat exposure upon or before arrival.

Invest in a Hydration Pack

You probably already know how important it is to drink plenty of fluids when you’re out and about, but (more…)