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No matter the season, the sun usually shines brightly on Dallas, Texas. While this makes for warm days that are ideal for taking your motorcycle out for a ride, the sun’s rays can also be tough on your bike. Take a look at these four tips for protecting your bike from the Texas sun, and keep your motorcycle looking good for years to come.

Treat Your Tires

Your motorcycle’s tires can withstand intense rides and handle twists and turns with ease, but extreme heat presents a serious challenge to even the most high-quality tires. When the sun beats down on your tires, they’re likely to experience unusually high pressure. Make a point of checking the pressure each time you stop to fill up, especially on a hot day.

Since the sun can cause rubber tires to crack, you’ll need to inspect them for signs of dryness before a big ride. Apply a rubber protectant to keep your tires supple and performing their best.

Wash and Wax Regularly

Over time, sun exposure can cause even a great paint job to fade. That means after a few years of riding in the sun, your fire engine red motorcycle is bound to look a little lackluster. Though you can’t avoid the sun while you’re on the road, preventive care will diminish the sun’s damage.

Make time to wash your bike after each ride, but select your cleaning products carefully. Use a soft, clean cloth to wash the body, taking care to remove all the dirt, grime, and road grit from both painted and chrome surfaces. If you’ve driven on sand or salt, take special care to clean these gritty substances off so they don’t damage the chrome or the chain.

Next, apply a generous coat of wax to all painted surfaces. This will protect your paint from sun damage. Finally, apply a leather conditioner to the seat to keep the leather soft and to prevent it from cracking due to sun exposure.

Invest in Covered Storage

If you have a great-looking bike, you might be tempted to show it off by parking it in your driveway. Remember, though, that leaving your motorcycle out in the sunlight will compromise everything you’ve done to protect it.

Rather than leaving your bike exposed, invest in covered storage. A garage space is ideal for protecting your bike, but a carport or other covered parking area will also prevent damage to the paint, tires, or leather.

Use a Bike Cover

When you can’t park in a garage or another sheltered area, bike covers offer a smart solution. Steer clear of inexpensive plastic covers, since they can trap heat and cause leather and rubber to crack. Instead, opt for a high-quality bike cover that protects your motorcycle from the Dallas sun as well as from rain, dust, and wind.

Just because you love the sun doesn’t mean your motorcycle does, too. Follow these tips to shield your bike from harsh sunlight, and you’ll protect your investment at the same time.

4 Tips for Protecting Your Bike from the Texas Sun

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