Despite its reputation as one of the worst cities for traffic, Dallas is a great city for cruisers. It offers access to the two-lane country roads surrounding Dallas, plus plenty of highway access to take you on a trip to Houston or anywhere in the country. All of the things that make you love Dallas are all of the reasons you will want to cruise it. For that, we recommend one of these five cruisers.

Harley Davidson Heritage Classic

This bike is a classic cruiser. The low-slung seat and easy-to-reach handlebars mean you can sit comfortably on this bike for hours. A Milwaukee Eight big twin engine powers the bike and gives a great throaty rumble. This bike is made to cruise and comes with sealable, lockable saddlebags so you can throw your gear in and go.

The Indian Scout

Image via Flickr by 36Bananapies

The Indian Scout looks like something from the ’20s. It sits low to the ground for great handling and comes with a hundred horses running out of a 69 cubic inch V-twin motor. The cast aluminum frame makes this big bike lighter than she looks. Indian has a wide variety of accessories too, such as an added passenger seat or big leather saddlebags so you can ride from Dallas to Miami and never miss a beat.

Triumph Rocket Roadster

Image via Flickr by CDCobra

When you look at this bike, it screams cool. A triple exhaust manifold feeds into one big exhaust pipe to produce a big growl when you hit the throttle. The monster three-cylinder engine produces 155 pounds of road-grabbing torque to send you flying down the highway. Chrome accents and dual headlights finish this bike off in a style that will have every head turning as you fly by them on the road.

Kawasaki Vulcan

The Vulcan is the most reasonably priced bike on this list, starting at just under $8,000, but don’t let the price tag fool you. Kawasaki did a good job of sticking to the cruiser styling while adding modern touches to the package and keeping the price down. The ergo-fit packaging means you can custom fit the bike to your size, and the seven-way rear shocks mean a comfortable ride on any road surface — a custom bike without the custom price.

Yamaha Star Bolt

The Star Bolt model from Yamaha looks like an old-school throwback but rides like a dream. The compact chassis makes it easy to handle on the open road or on the Texas twisties. Add an air-cooled 58 ci engine, and you are all set to tackle the open road. The most fun thing about this bike is the customizability of it. According to Yamaha, “We build it, you make it your own.” The Bolt-R specs give you plenty of options to customize the Star Bolt to suit your personal style.

These five modern-day machines might look like something from another era, but they are perfect for the Dallas area. Get out of town and cruise down I-45 to the BlueBonnet trails festival, hop on 1382 and wind your way down to Cedar Hills State park, or get a little wild and pack your saddlebags and see how far you can cruise. Vegas, here we come.

5 Cruisers to Try in Dallas

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