As summer continues, temperatures keep heating up. If you’re a motorcycle owner and mostly or solely get around on your bike, the sweltering temperatures could feel nearly unbearable. Fortunately, whether you’re taking a visitor from out-of-town to check out the fantastic views at Reunion Tower or decide to spend some time in the air-conditioned environment of the Dallas World Aquarium, there are many ways to keep using your motorcycle to reach destinations without feeling like you might pass out from heat exposure upon or before arrival.

Invest in a Hydration Pack

You probably already know how important it is to drink plenty of fluids when you’re out and about, but you might still hate fumbling for a canteen or water bottle while sitting on your bike. Avoid that common problem and buy a hydration pack. Sometimes called a hydration bladder, this must-have product is a specialized backpack that fits a flexible water container inside. The water storage section is usually made from heavy-duty plastic and has a screw top for easy filling.

The drinking tube is perhaps the most important component for motorcyclists. It allows you to run that part over your shoulder and take sips without using your hands. Simply move your head so your mouth connects with the tube and bite down or suck.

Some hydration packs also have extra pockets within the backpack that you can use to stash sunscreen sticks or granola bars. As you can imagine, a hydration pack is great for trips of any duration — but especially if you’re gearing up for long-distance rides through Dallas and beyond.

Put on Moisture-Wicking Base Layers

Beat the Dallas Heat on Your Ride

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