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Choosing the right tires for your motorcycle is imperative for your safety, enjoyment, and the rideability of your bike. There are tons of options for tires, and it’s important to know which one will best match your style of riding, the terrain you’re most often riding on, and the climate where you and your bike spend the most time. No matter your style, here are some recommendations for outfitting your Dallas, Texas, bike with the best tires possible.

Your Style

Understanding your riding style is the first step towards choosing the right type of tires for your bike. There are five tire types to choose from: race, sport, off-road, cruising, and touring. Choose a tire that fits your riding style to make sure you’re using the tires for their designated purpose. For other parts of the tire, what you choose might come down to personal or aesthetic preference, but not here.

  • Race: Durable on the track at high speeds and grippy at high heat. These tires allow for tight cornering, extreme acceleration from a full stop, and speed while coming out of turns.
  • Sport: These tires have a radial pattern, which make them great for moving fast on the road. These are more durable than race tires and offer good handling in poor weather conditions.
  • Off-road: Also referred to as dirt tires, these are good for use on rough terrain. The tires’ radial pattern gives them good grip, and rim locks keep the tire from spinning around the rim.
  • Cruising: These tires are great for a variety of surfaces, offering good handling on wet roads and improved stability.
  • Touring: With some of the best driver control and usability during long distances and various weather conditions, these tires are perfect for a long road trip.

Size Matters

Most tire manufacturers use the metric system when sizing and making tires. The numbers on the side of your tire are important to understand when you need to replace your tires. This information not only tells you the size of your tires, but also the speed and load rating. The load rating is how much weight your tires can carry, and the speed rating is how fast you can run on those tires. You might also notice a four digit number — that’s your tire’s birthdate, or the date on which it was manufactured. This number can be deciphered as the first two numbers designating the week and the second two numbers designating the year of manufacture. So 1411 means that your tires were made during the 14th week of 2011.

Making the Switch

Just like new shoes, it’s important to break in your new tires slowly. It’s not the right time to take a cross country road trip after just putting on brand-new tires. No matter the age of your tires, but especially when new, make sure to check that they’re properly inflated. When carrying a passenger, bump up your tire’s psi by just a few notches.

Safety is one of the most important factors when driving a motorcycle and choosing tires. Most motorcycles have a recommended type of tire that needs to be used. Be sure you’re consulting with experts before making a big switch. And most of all, just safely enjoy your motorcycle as you tour the streets of Dallas.

Choosing the Best Bike Tires in Dallas

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