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There’s probably nothing worse than the oppressive Dallas heat in the middle of summer, especially if you’re fully clad in your motorcycle gear. However, there are several ways you can stay cool and beat the heat. If you’re not sure how to keep from turning into a sweltering mess while riding, follow these easy and simple tips.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things to do in the summer, regardless of what you’re doing, is to stay adequately hydrated. According to estimates, a person sweats out between 0.8 and 1.4 liters of water an hour. Due to your pants, jacket, and helmet, you’ll probably have about the same amount of fluid loss. To combat potential dehydration and heatstroke, make sure to take a break at least once an hour and fill up on water instead of other beverages.

Use Ventilation

If you don’t use a helmet with a face mask, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about ventilation. For those with full helmets, however, it becomes a necessity. Many motorcycle helmets have ventilation ducts; all you need to do is make sure they are open. In addition, riding jackets typically have zippers that allow air to flow freely through the jacket. You can also briefly lift your legs while riding to get air to the legs. In the stifling Dallas summer, you’ll need all the air you can get.

Buy New Gear

Some riders find that an all-season outfit is more than sufficient for driving, regardless of the temperature. However, motorcyclists with some extra money should definitely consider warm-weather attire. Although this expenditure can get rather pricey (up to $1,000), the resulting effect is worth it. You may also want to try the revolutionary cooling vest. Before putting on your jacket, soak the vest in water and wring it out. Then, put it on and enjoy the cool for up to several hours at a time.

Modify Your Bike

As you’re cruising along one of the major thoroughfares of Dallas such as I-20 or I-35, the wind blowing past you may not cool you to your heart’s desire. To increase the airflow, as well as cooling your bike, consider some slight modifications. If you have a windscreen, remove it during the summer months. You can also open fairing vents on the bike, if you have them, that add additional air movement.

Stay Covered from Head to Toe

Although it’s tempting to shed some clothing during the summer months, it’s not the best idea. First, it lessens the impact of injury, especially road rash, during an accident or wipeout. As far as the heat, covering yourself protects you from sunburn, as well as the harsh, hot air that blows on you when you are driving.

Without keeping cool, you run the risk of bursting into flames and turning into Ghost Rider in the dangerously hot Dallas weather. However, by following some of these steps, you’ll have a much cooler and more enjoyable ride.

How to Stay Cool on Your Bike in Dallas

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