Yamaha YZ250X
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Another year is coming to a close, and that means another wave of new Yamaha bikes is available for riding this upcoming year. Whether you’re looking for off-road or street bikes, Yamaha has plenty of options for your tastes. But wait, there’s even more good news! You won’t see any price increase in any of Yamaha’s returning models.

Here are several of the exciting, upcoming 2016 Yamaha bikes:

Yamaha YZ250X

The newest YZ250X was one of Yamaha’s big releases. This off-road bike is built specifically for the motocross competitors out there. This lightweight two-stroke is built for tearing up closed-course competition. Not only does the lightweight make it perfect for competition, but the off-road tire tread, larger 18-inch thick rear wheel, and off-road suspension will likely make the YZ250X one of the most popular motocross competition bikes. As if these specs weren’t enough, the YZ250X is priced at a relatively cheap $7,390.

If you’re a competitor looking for a well-priced bike, the YZ250X is your best choice.

Yamaha FZ-07

For 2016, Yamaha is bringing back one of its most popular street bikes, the FZ-07. In an effort to maintain the bike that Yamaha’s customers already love, the FZ-07 is mechanically identical to its original model. Even the gas mileage is as amazing as it ever was, running at an impressive 58 miles per gallon. Riders already love the powerful 689cc, parallel twin bike, so the only thing they’ve added is the availability of a choice between a Raven color scheme or a Matte Silver/Blue scheme. The FZ-07’s price starts at $6,990.

If you’re looking for a light, agile street bike with great gas mileage, the FZ-07 is just waiting for you to take it for a spin.

The Star Bolt

This year, Yamaha is bringing back another favorite, the Star Bolt, which ranks in at #3 among Yamaha’s best-selling street bikes. The Star Bolt takes on the classic motorcycle appearance with the slogan “Old school just got schooled.” While the Bolt may look like just an “old school” bike, it still boasts a 942cc, 4-stroke V-twin engine and runs at an estimated 51 miles per gallon.

This year, much like the FZ-07, not much is changing on the Bolt mechanically — which is great news for dedicated fans of the model — but the bike is now available in a Raven or a Deep Blue color scheme.

If you’re looking for a classy and powerful ride, the Bolt is your bike to take to the streets. The base model comes in at $7,990, and the R-spec model (available in Rapid Red or Stone Grey) is available for $8,390.

This year, Yamaha is covering all the bases by releasing some new models as well as some of the old favorites. Whether you’re looking for a strong competition bike, a powerful street bike, or an old-school classic roadster, Yamaha has just what you’re looking for when it comes to a thrilling ride.

Looking Ahead to the 2016 Yamaha Bikes

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