The Dallas, Texas, area has some stunning landscapes. One of the best ways to admire the views is to hop on your motorcycle and hit the road. Unfortunately, if you’re not taking proper care of your bike this cruise could be cut short by a breakdown. Keep your bike in prime driving condition by keeping up with some of these often-overlooked maintenance needs.

Liquid Levels

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Oil changes are a part of the maintenance schedule for all vehicles, motorcycles included. Actually, a bike requires more frequent oil changes than a car because the smaller engine runs at a higher rpm with more compression and the oil is used more aggressively. While the oil is being changed, it is smart to change the oil filter as well. This keeps things as clean as possible and helps keep the engine running smoothly.

Coolant is another liquid in your bike that needs draining and refilling. Especially important in the Texas heat, coolant is important because it keeps your radiator from overheating. The coolant has ingredients that become less effective over time and regularly replacing the used coolant with a fresh batch will help keep your engine at an ideal temperature.

Believe it or not, your brakes also have fluid reservoirs that need to be looked after. Brake fluid is key to the communication between the brake lever to the brake pad. Choosing and maintaining the right type of brake fluid will help keep your brakes responding properly to your lever-action.

Drive Chain

Often overlooked, the drive chain of your motorcycle is an important part of your engine and needs regular care. An ignored chain can break, fall off, or scrape up your internal engine parts and cause severe damage or engine seizure. Proper lubrication can prevent a chain from stretching due to heat. You can also maintain a proper fit with minor tension adjustments. An overstretched chain won’t fit properly no matter how tightly it is adjusted, and should be replaced to make sure your engine gears are running smoothly.

Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning your motorcycle has more benefits than just aesthetics. First, make sure the bike is cool before you start cleaning because cold water can shock a hot engine. Use a soft sponge to remove dirt, debris, and bugs that can damage the paint and erode parts of your engine. As you’re detailing, make note of any scratches or dents you may not have noticed before. Getting up close and hands on with your bike is the best way to get to know your machine and stay on top of any new issues before they cause major problems.

Setting a maintenance schedule can be hard. It’s a challenge to know which elements need a check-up and how often to include them in the routine. Before attempting any adjustments to your bike it’s important to thoroughly read your owner’s manual and discuss any questions with a maintenance specialist. Learn how to properly handle all these tasks and your efforts will pay off in the end. You’ll love spending time cruising the North Dallas Twistys instead of hauling your bike to the repair shop.


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