harley sportster Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a motorcycle enthusiast looking for a new ride, cruiser bikes afford you the luxury of a smooth ride with comfortable seating. Although Dallas may not seem like the quintessential spot for cruising, owning one of these bikes gives you the opportunity to at least sit comfortably in traffic if you can’t meander around the streets of downtown, South Dallas, or Lake Highlands. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions for the best cruiser to journey the streets of the Big D.

Harley-Davidson 883 Iron

For bikers with a bit more experience who also want the true American riding experience, the Harley-Davidson 883 Iron is a great choice. Not only does it give you the Harley experience at an entry-level price, but it also stands as an homage to the 1950s-era Harley Sportster, also known as the world’s first superbike. Its drag bars and controls, however, don’t give as comfortable of a stance as the Honda Shadow Phantom, but it’s the perfect stance for cornering at mid-level speeds. It also rides close to the ground, making it a sound choice for shorter riders. To power this beast, Harley-Davidson equips the 883 with a 49-horsepower, air-cooled V-twin engine that gets 53.8 pound-feet of torque and 51 mpg.

Honda Shadow Phantom

If you’re searching for your first bike, there’s perhaps none better than the Honda Shadow Phantom. Its retro styling is definitely a head-turner, and there are few other bikes on the market that offer better looks thanks to matte black paint and all the chrome you can handle. It also features a 26-inch seat height that’s comfortable for long rides, as well as a curb weight of only 549 pounds, meaning you don’t have to lift weights all day to move it around. It’s also not without some pep, featuring a 745 cubic centimeter (cc) V-twin engine with five-speed transmission capable of 44.9-horsepower and 47.0 pound-feet of torque. Factor in that it gets up to 56 miles per gallon (mpg), and it’s a superb bike for the beginner cruiser.

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

Although the very last Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 came off the line this year, there are still plenty of these bikes around for you to buy. Unlike the other two bikes on this list, the Vulcan 2000 is massive in comparison, requiring more precision when riding. Still, this bike packs a certain comfort, as well as tremendous power. It sports a 2,053 cc engine that pushes 95-horsepower and up to 120 pound-feet of torque, making it the largest displacement production bike in the world. With this beastly motor, the Vulcan can break away from the pack with a zero-to-60 time of just 3.95 seconds. From an aesthetics standpoint, the cruiser stays true to the traditional form in just about every way, from the smooth ride all the way down to the beautiful bodywork.

With so many cruisers on the market, don’t feel obliged to buy the first cruiser that comes your way. Instead, give each of these a try, as each appeals to a different type of driver. Once you’ve decided which one fits you, you’ll love heading out for dinner in the Design District or simply taking a drive through your favorite parts of the city.

The 3 Best Cruiser Bikes for Dallas

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