Everything’s bigger in Texas, but anyone who has driven in downtown Dallas knows bigger is not always better. Squeezing in and out of traffic on Oaklawn Avenue can be a nightmare if you are on a big bike — or in a car, or walking. The 2018 Kymco Spade is a great bike for tooling around Dallas, without worrying about getting stuck in traffic.

The Spade is small enough to weave around all the insanity the mixmaster can throw at you and makes the side streets feel like highways.

Small Bike, Big Wallet

Some small things in life cost more than their bigger cousins…think fine dining. Sure, the smoked hamachi crudo at the Don’t Tell Supper Club in downtown Dallas is delicious, but you are still going to have to swing by Mcdonald’s afterward if you want to satisfy your hunger (and give your wallet a break).

Starting at $2,999, this little motorcycle isn’t going to hurt your bank account like its larger counterparts, and it will satisfy your craving for cruising the streets on a motorbike. You might even be able to afford a second plate of crudo.

Little Motorcycle, Big Power

The 2018 Kymco Spade boasts 12 horsepower. That might not seem like a lot when comparing it to larger bikes, but in the mini bike world, 12 horses are huge. Compare those 12 ponies to the Kawasaki Z125’s 8.3 horsepower or the Honda Grom’s 8.7 horsepower and you can see why.

A little over 30 percent more horsepower than most in its class and a top speed of 60 miles per hour gives this little bike top dog honors when it comes to power and speed. No, you won’t be racing down the highway on it, but you can zoom through downtown.

Little Bike, Giant Fuel Mileage

The best thing about having a mini bike is the incredible gas mileage: 91 miles per gallon to be exact. The 1.6-gallon fuel tank will get you over 150 miles before you need to stop for gas and for less than five bucks, you will be burning up Dallas again.

You will be the envy of everyone at the gas pump, too.

Small Package, Huge Style

Unlike the Honda and Kawasaki mini bikes with their more Asian-inspired styling, the Kymco offers a vintage feel that would make James Dean proud. Short fenders and round headlights remind you of a time when plain white T-shirts ruled the motorcycle scene and cool riders were everywhere.

The flat, 30-inch handlebars are stylish as well as convenient. This little bike easily fits into your front door to prevent thieves from walking off with your bike or to keep it out of the rain. To complete the look, Kymco added a low-slung saddle to keep you comfortable while you are cruising through town.

Big Attitude, Great Bike

2018 Kymco Spade - Dream machines of Texas
Image via Flickr by MattJo-tw

The 2018 Kymco spade has all the “everything’s bigger in Texas” attitude packed into a mini bike. No, you won’t be flying down I-10 with this one, but you will be getting around downtown faster than everyone else.

This bike is perfect for urban living. Cheap, stylish, and fun to ride, this is big living on a tiny ride.

Think Smaller With the 2018 Kymco Spade

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