Don’t be fooled by the nostalgic name: motorcycle trikes are nothing like the plastic three-wheeled bike you rode as a kid. These sturdy and muscular machines have seen a rise in popularity among riders recently. Harley-Davidson and Polaris have noticed the market and added trikes to their production lines. They definitely look different, but trikes have the same attitude and power as a traditional motorcycle. For a multitude of beneficial reasons, a trike could be the perfect bike for you.

What Is a Motorcycle Trike?

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A motorcycle trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle. The basic body shape can be “delta,” with the two wheels in the back and one out front, or “tadpole,” with two wheels in front and one behind. These machines, no matter the framework, have a classic saddle-style seat like one would expect on a typical motorcycle. Also, their engines can be just as powerful as their two-wheeled counterparts.

What Are the Benefits of a Trike?

With three wheels, trikes are much sturdier than regular motorcycles. In fact, riders don’t even need to place a foot down at stops to keep from tipping over, because the trike will stay up at a full stop. The added stability is also helpful on less reliable terrain like gravel or dirt roads. With the wider body, there is often more cargo space on a trike, making these three-wheeled vehicles a great choice for long-distance riding.

Riders who have concerns about controlling a motorcycle properly should consider trying a trike. You can still have the wind in your hair but on a more balanced platform. Also, riders may have family members who want as safe of a ride as possible and might feel more comfortable on a trike. The addition of a sidecar can make it a true family vehicle.

Who Rides a Trike?

Trike riders are a varied group of people. Because of the smoother ride, more balanced frame, and relaxed riding experience, they are often associated with older riders. This assumption is fairly true. The older generation that helped make motorcycles so mainstream is continuing to ride but opting for trikes that are easier on the joints and a better match for slower reactions.

On the other hand, trikes are very eye-catching and have a lot of customization options. These traits are very appealing to younger and flashier riders. Customizing the trike can be strictly for appearances, or a great option for handicapped riders who are not going to let any obstacles keep them off the road. Trikes have the room to allow for these modifications, while traditional motorcycles may not.

If you’re a traditional motorcycle owner who is interested in a trike but isn’t ready to give up your favorite ride, you could speak to a professional about potentially converting your two wheels to three. Of course, there are plenty of sporty new models available as well. There are varying design options and trikes to suit every need. These three-wheeled road warriors are powerful, stylish, comfortable, and definitely worth a try.


Why Some Riders Are Trying the Trike

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